Our lab focus on the energy transport phenomena in low dimensional materials. The energy is stored in various forms in solid states and transported by energy-carrying particles.

The amount of energy that is taken up and delivered by a certain type of energy carriers depends on the energy states and interactions of the particles to other particles. In the lab, we characterize how each particle responses to the energy input differently and how the input energy is shared among them. The energy inside solid state materials is stored either in electronic and phononic systems.

In our lab, we are seeking a mechanism that enables us to modulate a branching rate of the energy supplied.

In addition, the energy flows in a medium. When the energy conducts from one to another media, it meets an interface. The bonding strength and the energy states of the nanomaterials at the interface will influence on the transmission of energy-carrying particles at the junction. By designing materials and their binding strength, we try to control the energy transport.